Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #18

Kelly Jo had a few pictures on her phone from the music sessions last week. We missed posting them Friday so we will throw them in here.


I will start the Weview of our weekend all the way back on Thursday. We left Hodgenville Thursday morning and drove the Green Machine to Waynesville. The block layers were supposed to begin laying block Thursday if it did not rain overnight Wednesday and I wanted to be there to see it and to pay them anything that was owed.

It did not rain Wednesday night but they did not start. We did have a couple of small spells of rain Thursday but nothing significant. Needless to say there was nothing owed. 😁 Hopefully they will get the block started and completed later this week.

There were other things to do that were house related and there was salsa to drink so the trip was certainly not in vain. We took care as much of that as we could and then we headed back to Hodgenville about 11:00 Friday morning. Friday night was spent doing laundry and preparing for the Singers Group Session Saturday.

That session began Saturday morning at 11:00 AM and was well attended. Pastor David Webb has poured a lot into this Music and Ministry Month and his folks seem to be excited. They are participating well and we are enjoying it very much.

Here are a few pictures from Saturday morning.

Saturday night we worked with an ensemble of young people ages 7-13 or so to learn a song. They did very good!

Sunday was the fifth Sunday of the month so it was an extra special Sunday at HPC. On fifth Sundays they have a big morning service, a huge church dinner and an afternoon service. Both services were outstanding.

They are planning to build a new sanctuary next door to the existing building and Sunday was the big reveal of the plans. God helped and moved during the service and it was a privilege for us to be here and be a part of it.

The Sunday afternoon service was great too. The choirs sang, the youth ensemble that we worked with Saturday night sang and a few of the families sang as well. They all sang so well. The service ended with a wonderful move of God in the altar. As a congregation we felt faith rising up in our hearts to believe God for miracles and I am expecting some testimonies of those miracle.

That pretty much wraps our our wonderful weekend. I hope you had a great weekend too. Thank you for reading today.


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