Saturday, January 30, 2016

Godly Heroes: Pastor David and Sis. Genell Webb

Hello Friends, it is Odie checking in from Texas. Can you believe we are at the end of January? It seems like time is flying by so fast! We have had a wonderful week in Livingston, Texas with Pastor Don Goodwin and his church. The Lord visited us In a mighty way each service at Beech Creek Assembly! I am so thankful for His sweet presence the can dwell with us and help us. 

Godly Heroes 

I have always been taught to have Godly heroes instead of heroes of this world. It might be ok to look at the world's "heroes" and think he or she does their job well but do not place confidence in them. It is a huge blessing to be surrounded by awesome Godly people in my life. 

There are some special people who stand out as heroes to me. Two that fit that category are Pastor David and Sis. Genell Webb


We were just with the Webb family again recently in Pine Prairie, Louisiana at Christian Tabernacle. It was so good to be with them and to see them again. I was reminded again of how great an influence they have had on my life and I want to honor them for that.

The Webbs along with their 4 super children live in Hodgenville, Kentucky. They pastor Hodgenville Pentecostal Church. I appreciate their burden to reach the lost and to encourage everyone to live for God. They have impacted my life tremendously. One of the other ministries they are involved in is The Pentecostal  Fire Youth Conference

Pastor David Webb is a man of God who is unashamed to stand for Holiness. Every time I hear him preach he delivers the word of the Lord that I need. He is compassionate and strong and inspires me and many others to live for God.

Sis. Genell Webb is a Godly woman that I  look up to very much. I know she lives her life sold out to God. She has set a great pattern to follow as a wife, mother, in ministry and as a friend. I really, really appreciate her example. Sis. Genell is a truly a classy lady. 

I am thankful for the privilege to call the Webbs my friends. They have blessed me by their lives personally and by their ministry. I admire their commitment to God and I am thankful for their Godly example. 

It has been said your life is an open book for anyone to read. That is very true. People are watching our lives and following our examples whether we realize it or not. I want to strive to be a consistent Christian, not only for myself and my relationship to God, but for others who are watching. 

I am thankful for Godly heroes who lead the way and set the example for me! I would rather look to people like Bro. and Sis. Webb than to famous people in sports, entertainment or others in pop culture. Thank God for people with integrity and a heart to follow God with all they have. They are great heroes!

Thank you for reading today. Have a great weekend. 


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