Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Prayer For Josiah Cheek

Update At The End Of The Post
The first week of the year we were in revival in Amber, Oklahoma and I introduced you to Pastor Russell Cheek and his precious family. This is a link to the Revival In Pictures from Amber and their family is pictured near the end of the post.

They are a beautiful family and they are in need of prayer right now. Their baby Josiah has been struggling with major health issues and they had to rush him back to the emergency room recently.

Bro. Russel and Sis. Tonya and their baby Josiah.

Josiah is a very sick little boy and he is in the hospital right now. Unless things change, he will be having neurosurgery soon, possibly today. Bro. Russell and Sis. Tonya need a miracle right now. We have been fervently praying for several weeks and we are asking for you to join us in prayer for this baby and his family.

He was nine months old when we were there, so that makes him about eleven months now. This little guy needs a miracle from God and we know that God is able to perform the miracle Josiah needs.

Thank you for praying. We know that God hears and answers prayers.


Bro. Russell sent this out this afternoon.
Surgery complete. Drain placed successfully. However to the surgeon's surprise, the fluid was heavily infected; so heavily infected that she said she would have expected him to be near comatose. They are inserting a new pic line while he is still asleep for another few weeks of antibiotics, likely all three that he has been on previously. If the fluid culture identifies a particular bacteria then antibiotic treatment can be more specific. Thank you for praying. Please continue. God bless all our dear friends!

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  1. We continue to pray for the Cheek family. They are precious friends!



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