Saturday, March 25, 2017

Another Soldier Gone Home, Buzzy Deane

Hello Friends, this is Odie again.

It has been a good week. We enjoyed being at First Pentecostal Church with Pastor Vernon and Sis. Marsha Jarvis. The services were great and the fellowship was wonderful too. 

I have been fighting a cold this week. My singing has been more like squawking each night. I tried to squawk in tune but I did not always succeed. That part has not been fun but hopefully I am on the upward swing now. 

One of the greatest blessings of traveling is that we are blessed to know so many wonderful people across the country. Many years ago we met the precious Deane Family from Virginia. The Deane Family became dear friends to us. We are privileged to call them our friends.

The patriarch of the family, Reverend Buzzy Dean left this life a few days ago. He was a soldier of God that lived a full life. Just being in a service with Bro. Buzzy was an encouragement. He loved God, loved God's people, loved being in church and it was evident!!


Our hearts are heavy for the entire Deane family. I know they will miss Bro. Buzzy very much. We sadly will not see him again here but we will meet him again in Heaven. I know he is shouting and rejoicing in Heaven. 

The last visit we had in Virginia was in 2015. I went to the blog archives and found pictures of our sweet friend.


Sis. Mabel and Bro. Buzzy in their home.


We will miss Bro. Buzzy, but we will see him again soon. 

Thanks for reading. 


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