Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #13

This was an unusually rare type of weekend for us. Revival ending on Friday and another one beginning on Sunday morning is usual enough. That is normal. That is what we have come to expect and enjoy. But ending revival on Friday and beginning another one on Sunday with no travel in between is very unusual. 

First Pentecostal Church and Liberty Holiness Church have only about 6 miles between them. Since the BoggsMobile is in the shop, we are staying in the same hotel in London for both revivals, so no travel on Saturday. I must admit that it felt a little weird.

Friday night we enjoyed one last great service with Pastor Vernon Jarvis and all of his folks at First Pentecostal. We really enjoyed the whole week and the last night capped it off nicely.

We are only about 200 miles from home and I thought I might need to go home to tend to construction stuff Saturday. Dad and Mom took care of finding one of the property pins for me so I did not have to make the trip. We had a great day preparing for Sunday and helping Odie blow her nose! (Well the whole family had to stay home just to blow that poor kid's nose. -You get a gold star if you know the song with those lyrics!) She has been sick but she is gaining ground.

Sunday morning we began revival for Pastor Lester Carpenter at Liberty Pentecostal Tabernacle south of London, Kentucky. It has been over two years since we have been here and we are glad to be back.

Our last revival here was in late August, early September 2014. It was a tent revival and the Blue and White Gospel tent was set up right here.

Davy and Pastor Lester Carpenter

We had wonderful services to get started Sunday and we are expecting God to help us the next three nights! If you are close enough to come be with us, church starts at 7:00 through Wednesday.

That wraps things up. Thank you for reading.



  1. I'll take my gold star now, and please no "Excuses"
    See you down the road!


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