Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Isaacs at Lusk Baptist Church

Hey Friends, this is Odie!

We have reached yet another Saturday. I can not believe that we are in our third month of 2017. This year has been wonderful so far and I am anticipating great things in the months to come.

Sunday - Friday we were with our dear adopted family at First Assembly in Ellisville, Mississippi. I am extremely sad to see this week come to a close. I do not like saying goodbye to these precious friends that have accepted us as family! It seems as if our time with Pastor Kenny and Sis. Joan Morris flew by too quickly! We love and appreciate you all!!

This post is about last Saturday. It was wonderful day! We had driven from Mobile to Ellisville after church Friday night. Saturday we loaded up in the Green Machine and journeyed from Ellisville, Mississippi to just outside of Gilbertown, Alabama. 

We were able to spend a big part of the day with the Isaacs. Yes, if you are counting, this is the second time we have seen them in four weeks. Not a bad thing at all!

I love any chance we get to see and spend time with our family. It is always fun to watch them get everything ready for a concert and hearing them sound check is an awesome bonus. Although last week they rewrote the song Roly Poly and changed it to Odie Podie during sound check. It is funny but I will never hear the end of it. My Mom sings it to me everyday. "Odie Podie Daddy's little fatty." LOL 

When it was concert time at Lusk Baptist Church, the church was full and overflowing. I heard that there were more outside of the church than inside. The place was packed!  

I did not have to worry about a place to park my chair. Ben always takes care of me. Thanks, Ben, I love you!!!

The Pastor of Lusk Baptist Church 

From the first note until the last the Isaacs sounded amazing!! Words can not really convey how wonderful the music and singing was last Saturday. You have to experience it to really understand what I am trying to say. 


Their musical and vocal talent is unbelievable! Each time I hear the Isaacs I am blessed and encouraged to try to be a better singer. I am still striving to reach my full potential!





Dad introduced the song Dining With the King. It is a great song on the Isaacs latest project. It was written by Becky Isaacs Bowman, Sonya Isaacs Yeary and Jimmy Yeary. Dad preached a message several years ago that inspired the song. Dad did a wonderful job setting the song up. Of course that is what he does for us every night!

Please believe me when I say it was AWESOME!

Sonya and Gatlyn 

A highlight of the evening was to have our friends Bro. Scott, Sis. Kim and Rylee Morris with us! I was happy to reunited with my buddy Rylee!

That brings me to the end of this post. It was so good to be with the Isaacs. Until we meet again, Aunt Lily, Ben, Sonya, Becky, Mark, Spigot, Levi, Veevee and Gatlyn, we love all of you! We will see somewhere down the road hopefully sooner rather than later. Thank you for letting us spend the day with you. 

Thanks for reading today. We will be at White Plains Assembly near Conehatta, Mississippi. Revival is scheduled for Sunday - Wednesday. Come see us if you can. 


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