Friday, January 6, 2017

Revival In Pictures - Amber, Oklahoma

We are having a wonderful revival this week at Amber Mission Holiness Church. We have been blessed with lots of visitor and the presence of God has been here to help each and every night. We have one more night and we are anxious to see what God is going to do in the service. I have a sneaking suspicion that it is going to be good.

One of our regular features for years has been our Revival In Pictures posts. These posts are always some of our most visited posts. We regularly hear from readers who look closely at the pictures from revivals and often see people they have not seen for years. It is amazing how folks we know all over the country are interconnected way back and they love to see pictures of their families.

Other readers view the pictures so they can finally put faces with the names they have heard through the years. They have heard of Pastor so and so but never met him. Or they have seen Pastor so and so but finally get to see his wife and children and the church he Pastors though our pictures.

We also have folks tell us they like to see the pictures of the church facilities, inside and out. They like to see the way the kitchen is laid out or how the instruments are arranged on the platform. Others want to see the actual musical instruments themselves. That is why you will occasionally see a closeup of a bass guitar or an electric guitar.

Now that we are back in the routine of revivals every week, we are back with Revival In Pictures. We sure hope you enjoy the Amber Mission Revival In Pictures.

Thanks for reading.

Pastor Russell and Sis. Tonya Cheek

Meet the Cheek family. Bro. Russell

Sis. Tonya

Savannah 20

Ben 17

Caleb 15

Brooklynne 13

Zion 10

Charity 8

Israel 5

Cherish 3

Josiah 9 months

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  1. Ok Bro Davy I'm pretty jealous that you got to hug my pretty little grand babies. Oh and their mama's pretty nice looking too. Glad you had a good revival.


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