Monday, March 20, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #12

What an incredible weekend it was! We ran hard, drove a bunch of miles, crammed in a lot of activity and got a lot done as a result. Buckle up for a long post with lots of pictures. Let us begin all the way back on Wednesday.

We left Allentown Campmeeting Wednesday night at 10:00 PM. We had intended to stay a few minutes and fellowship but I had moved the bus in the afternoon to be ready to go and inadvertently parked in a space they needed for parking cars. I moved right before church but unfortunately I had to park in another place that would block folks in after church.

The only remedy was to leave as soon as church was over so that is what we did. Leaving at 10:00 was probably the best anyway since we had a long way to go. We did the majority of the drive Wednesday night before we stopped. The temperature was cool, the weather was perfect, the traffic was light and I was not sleepy at all.

I ended up driving 495 miles. We stopped for diesel just south of Montgomery Alabama and that was our only stop. We slept at the Flying J in Franklin, Kentucky about 40 miles north of Nashville. It was 5:50 AM when we arrived and 19 degrees! Brrrrrrrrr!

I slept about five hours and then cranked up the bus and prepared to roll again. Our first and only stop was on the other side of the interstate at Speedco. When I had my oil changed at Speedco near Jackson, Mississippi the Thursday before, their oil analysis machine was down. I had them save a small bottle of oil so I could have it checked at another Speedco.

I knew I would be passing this location Thursday so that was the plan. I love it when a plan comes together. I stopped in, they analyzed the oil and a few minutes later I was on my way with an excellent report.

At Speedco

We sailed around Louisville at the beginning of rush hour but hit northern Kentucky traffic at the worst time of the day. It was bad for 25-30 miles, including 15 miles north of Cincinnati. I probably would have been better to stop at a rest area in Kentucky and take a nap, but we made it.

We made it to the barn before dark and my brother Steve had the big door unfastened and ready to slide open for us. In a few minutes we were backed in and off to Acapulco.

We worked way into the night pulling stuff together for our busy Friday and then laid down for about four hours and then it was time to hit it. The first thing on the agenda was meeting with excavators and the septic guy. This is what it looked like while I was waiting INSIDE the heated Green Machine.

The white stuff you see does not indicate a problem with your screen. It indicates a problem with my head! What in the world am I doing this far north in mid March?

Those first round of meetings went well and then it was off to the township office for the final approval on the zoning permit for the house. That went well too. The township (Erin Hartsock) has been fantastic to work with during this whole process.

I also ran into (Almost literally) my cousin Gary Coffman. He is an electrician and has offered to coach us through the requirements of the electrical part of the house. A lot has changed since I wired houses for a living. Gary was very helpful.

By then it was way past lunch time so we made a beeline to Acapulco for a little salsa! See their matching shirts?

Then it was off to the county to apply for the building permit. That visit went VERY well too and I am hoping the whole permit process goes that smoothly. I should know something later in the week.

After a few more stops we went back to the barn. Kelly Jo had been working all day on getting the BoggsMobile ready to leave at the shop for several days and she had quite a bit more to do. I was rearranging the bays so that the AquaHot bay would be easily accessible for Jeff and his guys. That kept us busy the rest of the evening.

Odie and Lisa went to town and one of their stops was Skyline Chili for green spaghetti!

The water heater I installed temporarily in Mobile Alabama has worked out perfectly. It is amazing how much time I had been spending on the AquaHot every day for so long. The last four weeks have been quite a welcome break.

One of the things the bus is going into the shop for is the AquaHot, so it was time for the temporary water heater to come out. I drained it early Saturday morning, unhooked the water lines, unplugged the electric and scooted it out. It was one of the easiest things I did all weekend!

This where the water heater was sitting. That is part of the AquaHot behind it.

This is how it looks with the AquaHot cover in place.

I had one final meeting with a plumber and then it was time to crank up the BoggsMobile and hit the road again. We had to go right by Acapulco so we stopped for one or two bowls of salsa.

We sailed right through Cincinnati and northern Kentucky. Less than three hours after we left Acapulco we were pulling into First Pentecostal in London, Kentucky. It was a great trip and 196 miles!

Sunday we had two great services to kick off revival. It was incredible the way God swept in Sunday morning and declared His love for people. It seemed like I could feel the Lord loving the whole world.

If the Sunday services are any indication of God's intentions this week for revival, it is going to be good. I love revival.

Pastor Vernon Jarvis and Sis. Marsha

I had a little more driving to do to cap off the weekend. After settling the girls in a motel after church, I left in the BoggsMobile and pointed it toward East Tennessee Luxury Coach in Vonore, Tennessee.

I made a fuel stop but the drive was uneventful other than that. I pulled into the bus place at 12:35 and I was parked and shut down in about 15 minutes.

The bus will stay here several days and we will live in a motel in London while that is going on. I am sure I will have more to say about all that later.

It is time for me to catch a few hours of sleep before getting checked in here and driving the Green Machine back to London.

Thank you for reading today.


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