Thursday, March 2, 2017

This and That

This And That
Happy Birthday, House Plans and Hi Mandi!

Happy Birthday
Today is the 67th birthday of Pastor Kenny Morris. We have been here for several years on his birthday and we are glad to be in Ellisville for it again!

Happy, Happy Birthday, dear friend! I hope you have a super great day. I know that lunch at Strick's BBQ will be good and I believe that church will be good, so maybe you can make it through the rest of the day with a Happy Birthday smile on your face. We love you very much and we are glad to be with you on your birthday this year!

This may be the last picture taken of Bro. Kenny while he is still 66 years old!

House Plans
The planning process for the house is coming right along. The man drawing the plans mailed the printed copies to my Dad and he received them yesterday. The next step is pulling everything together to submit it to the county for permitting.

Here is the front elevation. The porch will go all the way across the front and down the side allowing Odie some access to the outside without having to get her wheelchair in the grass.

Hi Mandi!
The dash cam in the bus stays in the windshield all the time but it stays off most of the places we park. It is motion activated so in a busy parking lot it may come on for 30 seconds or so a few times a day. We never check it unless we have reason to believe something nefarious happened and the camera might have caught it.

Well, something nefarious happened earlier this week in Ellisville and the culprit told us about it and told us what time it happened. I pulled the memory card the next day and sure enough, the suspects were caught on camera!

Jason and Mandi Morris pulled into church with their teenage children and Mandi wondered if the camera was on or not.

Was it on? Yes and No! It was not on until she started waving and jumping up and down. Then is was on and captured everything.

I thought that was pretty funny. Sis. Mandy is a good sport and gave me permission to post the pictures. Hi Mandy!

This week is flying by and we only have two more nights of revival in Ellisville. I believe that God is going to help us!

Thank you for reading today.


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