Friday, March 10, 2017

Computers and Oil Change

We did not travel far but we ended the day with more accomplished than I imagined we would and that felt good!

Wednesday was the last night of revival at White Plains and we hit the ground running Thursday morning. Odie was going to Richton, Mississippi for a wedding so KJ was up early helping to get Odie in place for that. I was up early banging my head against a block wall! Ouch!

You may remember that my long time laptop bit the dust the last week of December. Most of the information was backed up but there were some files I really needed that I did Not back up when I thought I had. 

I had completed almost ALL of our year end book work after we returned from Nigeria and lost it all. I even lost some of the files that I needed used to complete all of that. I have been diligent to back information up on two thumb drives since my last crash two years before but evidently I forgot once!

I can hear my brother Steve saying right now, "Jesus saves but Davy doesn't." So, so, so true in this case.

I took the hard drive to three places early in January but they could not retrieve the information. I called the manufacture of the hard drive and they recommended a whole list of companies that could do it.


I contacted several of them and three answered me by phone or email with a price. The lowest price? $750!

Not Awesome!

Those files could be recreated with available information but it would take time. I needed a day with nothing else on my plate so Kelly and I could devote the time and attention necessary to do it. Yesterday was that day.

It was a long and tedious day but I look at it this way. I did not spend $750 so I worked yesterday for $750! That is a pretty good day where I come from! I have more to do but I feel so much better now.

We were hooked up and ready to leave White Plains at 5:00 Thursday afternoon.

My destination was about an hour and 20 minutes by bus. I was headed to Speedco in Pearl, Mississippi. The BoggsMobile was in need of an oil change and this was my best opportunity to get it done. I was thinking I would park close and be the first one in line this morning. When I called ahead they told me they were still open with no waiting. Cool!

I pulled right up to the lane, unhooked the Green Machine and drove inside.

Less than 45 minutes later we were completely gone! That is really good! I have waited 2-3 hours other times to get in and then up to 90 minutes more to pay out and hit the road.

The guys in the bay told me they had been slammed all day long with trucks. They barely had time to breathe and then all of a sudden it is like someone turned off the faucet. There were three open bays when I pulled up!

A few minutes later we were parked at Flying J for the night and back to work on other projects.

I slept like a rock last night and I am ready to hit the books this morning again. I hope you have a good day! Thank you for reading.


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