Friday, March 17, 2017

Acapulco 9th Anniversary Today!

After a bunch of hours on the road, we arrived at the barn Thursday night about 7:00 and decided that a quick trip to Acapulco for a little salsa was definitely in order. Actually Odie decided that Acapulco was in order and offered to buy. That was when we all felt the witness!

Kelly Jo, Odie, my brother Steve and I arrived to find they were advertising Acapulco's 9th anniversary on March 17th. That is today, Friday! So Happy Anniversary Acapulco! We are super glad you came to our town!

Pastor Bill Lamb and Sis. Norma Lamb took us to Acapulco on a Sunday afternoon for the first time only a few months after they opened. Sis. Karen Pennington told me to order the California Burrito and that is what I ordered that first visit. It was so good that I ordered that for years with the pineapple and shrimp on the side.

I just googled "california burrito boggsblogs". It is hilarious how many pictures come up that we posted! I am trying to stay away from flour tortillas now so I have moved on to Fajitas and Carnitas, both very, very good!

We were very glad to see several of our friends and to enjoy a wonderful meal. It was extremely good as usual! I love Acapulco and I am doing my best to make sure they stay in business.

Here I am working on a bowl or two or three of salsa!

Odie and Uncle Steve

Odie and Rigo

Jorge and his beautiful wife

We love our friends at Acapulco and we love the food and salsa! If you are in this area, you need to pay them a visit this weekend and help them celebrate 9 years in Lebanon, Ohio. Make sure you tell them that Davy, Kelly and Odie Boggs sent you!

Thanks for reading today.


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