Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Introducing Some More Family!

We had another great service at White Plains Tuesday night. Odie has been taking lots of pictures each night so we should have a Revival In Pictures post on Thursday.

Today I have several pictures of some of our family visiting last night. They drove over from Stonewall, Mississippi to be in revival with us and we enjoyed having them so much.

This is Selah Shoemaker with Davy

Davy and Pastor Edward Shoemaker

Pastor Edward and Sis. LaBona Shoemaker

Ivie Shoemaker, Odie and Selah Shoemaker

Kelly Jo and LaBona Shoemaker

It was so nice to have Pastor Edward, Sis. LaBona, Ivie and Selah Shoemaker and a whole pew of church folks with them in service Tuesday night. They were a great blessing to us and to the service.

We love spending time with family. Family? Did you know we had family all the way down here in Mississippi? Well, we will have soon so we are already claiming them! Bro. and Sis. Shoemaker's son Ben is planning to marry my oldest niece Deidre Boggs. That makes us family!

The big day is Friday October 6!

Deidre was kind enough to plan the wedding so that we could be home 😁 and we are excited to be able to attend. We are also glad to welcome Ben and his wonderful family into our big family. It is going to be a momentous occasion for sure!

Now you know about our family in Mississippi! It was great to see them!

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