Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Marvelous Monday!


Wow! What a wonderful revival service Monday night! To say we had a breakthrough would be a tremendous understatement! God moved in the altar service in a powerful way! It was awesome to see! I do not know how many young people responded and prayed for salvation but it was several! Praise God for His amazing help.

I love revival. You know that. God reviving people, giving new life, saving souls, healing bodies encouraging saints is what revival brings. It does not matter if the church is big or small, in the country or in the city, real revival is what we need and real revival will change us for the good. We have been getting a glimpse of that this year and we are thrilled.

I long to be an instrument that God can use to bring revival. I want to be tuned in to God and speak His Word faithfully and dependably. I find myself falling short of that often, but I am still striving.


In the midst of revival we also made some progress on the house Monday. I turned in the application for the building permit to Warren County Friday March 17th. They said it would be processed in 3-5 days and then they would mail a letter.

The application was approved that very day and the letter was typed on Monday the 20th. It came in the mail on Saturday the 25th. The people in the county office have been extremely helpful and pleasant to deal with and I appreciate that very much. I am a novice at this part of building and they have been patient with all my questions.

Since the permit was ready to be picked up and I am closer to home than I will be the next few weeks, I made the trip home to get it. I left late Sunday night and made it in about 1:30  AM Monday morning and left at 11:15 after a whirlwind morning with the permit in my hand. I was back at the hotel by 2:15 PM with plenty of time to get ready for church and even a small nap!

I am still waiting on definitive prices from excavators but we are now legal to dig the footer the week after Easter! We have a long way to go for a house to be built but a multitude of things have fallen into place to bring us this far. We are terrifically thankful!

Good news, a grand travel day and a great revival service made up a Marvelous Monday!

Thank you for reading today.


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