Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Change of Plans


Not much blog Wednesday. Blogger was slow and temperamental Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. It kept kicking me out and losing text even after it had been saved. The internet connection was good and other sites opened fine so it was just Blogger. It seems fine now but I will know when I try to publish this in a few minutes.

Change of Plans

I have been telling you how good revival has been this week with Pastor Lester Carpenter and his folks at Liberty Pentecostal Tabernacle. We have had people in the altars seeking salvation nearly every service and they just keep coming.

Bro. Carpenter asked me Wednesday at lunch about continuing revival. We had planned to close on Wednesday night and then move on down to the Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference in Pigeon Forge. I am very careful about canceling commitments and changing plans mid-stream and I explained that to Bro. Carpenter. I do not extend revival past the original dates lightly.

The way the Lord has been dealing with lost folks and bringing them in this week has been a great blessing to all of us. I hate to walk away from that even though we had made commitments to be at PFYC and wanted to be there. I asked God to lead me Wednesday afternoon and talked to my girls about it too.

By evening I told Bro. Carpenter that we would stay through Friday IF that is what he desired. He announced during service that we would continue revival and then the Lord met with us in the altar in a might way again. He keeps bringing people in. I love how God is reaching and I love being a part of it!

I believe that God is going to help us the next two nights. I believe that more are going to be saved and that He is going to continue to strengthen the ones that have already been saved this week. Praise God!

We had planned to be at PFYC this week for two years and Odie had her heart set on being there. She was very willing to stay in revival and I was willing to drive down for the day services. It is only 131 miles from here. However we figured out a way for her to hitch a ride with cousins that were passing through and Bro. Carpenter was gracious to give his consent.

So, Odie is at PFYC and we are still in London in revival! Is that final? Stick around and we will all find out together! We are happy on the journey.

Thank you for reading.


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