Sunday, May 1, 2016

#18 View Out The Front Window May 1, 2016

May I begin by passing along a few prayer requests this morning?

Please pray for our friends in Richton, Mississippi today. They have suffered a terrible loss this weekend. A fine young man from the church was killed in a car accident and they need God to help them desperately. Our friends are grieving and we want to be with them and can not. Yet I know that God can visit them and comfort them right now.

Secondly, Pastor Alan Harris had a serious health scare earlier this week and although he is doing better, I want to ask you to pray for Bro. Alan and Sis. Tammy this week. They have had a rough time physically this year and I am asking God to give them a few miracles today.

Finally, my nephew Victor had an accident at work Friday and needs God to help him. Thank you for praying.

Check out our posts from the last week at the links below.

This is our view out the front door the last several days in an RV Park just west of Phoenix, Arizona.

This is the view out the front window.

We have had three tremendous services with Pastor Johnson George and the Bethel Church. We are expecting two more great services today. Thank you for praying for us.

God bless you all this beautiful Sunday morning.


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