Monday, May 30, 2016

#22 Weekend Woundup and Weview

This weekend was a wild roller coaster ride weather wise but it was still a great weekend after all. Thursday overnight we had two massive storms blow through so Friday was a very soggy day.

We were able to park cars on the tent site Friday night but we could not park on all of it. The folks parked tight on the section we could use and others parked in other lots and walked to the tent. It worked out good. The weather during service Friday night was perfect.

Kelly Jo and Odie got up very early Friday and drove across Dallas to Terrell, Texas to pick up Bro. Shobanke. This is his last weekend in the states this trip and we were so glad to get to see him. This was the first time he has been with us in the tent and we were thrilled to have him in the service Friday night.

We enjoyed the fellowship with our friend very much. We also did some planning for our trip to Nigeria later this year. We are very excited about going back to see our many friends in Africa.

Saturday morning Kelly Jo and Odie made the same trip with Bro. Shobanke again and met some one from Bro. Sam Snow's church in Kilgore. He was preaching there yesterday.

The weather after the storms on Thursday night looked absolutely perfect through the weekend. The tent was very dry on Saturday night so it seemed we would have no problem getting the tent down dry Sunday evening. When I left the tent Sunday morning at 2:00 AM there was no rain in the forecast or on the radar at all.

All that changed about 4:30 AM. The clouds busted and the bottom fell out of the sky. It rained for quite a while and by the time it was finished the tent and the ground around the tent was a soggy mess.

Bro. Jimmy preached at Victory Sunday morning and Odie snapped a few pictures.

Thankfully we had sunshine and wind Sunday and the tent was ready to take down ... until we had a little shower about 5:30 PM AND a very little shower in the midst of bright sunshine during church. All of this happened during a window with a 5% chance of rain. I was sure that pretty much blew our chance of getting the tent down Sunday.

The sun stayed out the rest of the service and when church was over the tent was bone dry! It is absolutely amazing but we got the tent down dry!

The whole week has been amazing. We arrived a week ago Thursday to a giant puddle and mud and a forecast of heavy rain for ten days straight. Tent revival really looked hopeless. It looked impossible. But nothing is impossible with God! We had seven nights with no rain during church and a very, brief rain during the service the last night and still took the tent down dry! Praise God!

After the tent was down and packed away, Bro. Jimmie headed north toward Tulsa and we went out for our first after church fellowship of the week.

That pretty much wraps up our weekend. We plan to drive to Prevost Ft. Worth later today for an early morning appointment there Tuesday. When we are finished there, we will move on down to Sweeny, Texas for three services.

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