Monday, May 23, 2016

#21 Weekend Woundup and Weview

Weekends that include City Reach are pretty much all City Reach all the time and this one was no exception. We were either at the tent site working or trying to rest up in order to go back to the tent all weekend. That is the job we signed up for!

Friday was another preparation day.

We did take a few minutes Friday evening to meet Pastor Richard Frank and Sis. Naomi for a wonderful meal and great fellowship. Our friendship with the Frank's goes way back into our Wichita days and we sure appreciate their hospitality.

Saturday was set up day. We have quite a few pictures from the set up that we plan to post tomorrow. Several of these men have put up multiple tents and that was a big help.

The set up on this lot was tricky but with these men I should not have worried at all. The stakes were in, the tent was up and tight and the chairs and lights we ready in no time at all.

I went back to the BoggsMobile about 6:30 or so on Saturday evening and Kelly Jo prepared me a light snack before I rested a few hours. This is grilled avocado, a little bacon and a little cheese. Very good!

Since we are not able to park the BoggsMobile on the tent site, we remained parked at Victory about 1.5 miles away. Pastor Stevens asked me to preach Sunday morning so I tried to prepare us all for City Reach. It was a good service but the preaching could have been much better.

After church we went right back into preparation mode so we did not get many pictures. Odie snapped two before all the folks were gone.

Several of the men helped us load the sound equipment into the church's trailer and we hauled it to the tent site. We had just enough time after that for a quick bite to eat on the run and a 15 minute power nap!

Bro. Jimmie pulled a very long day on Sunday so that we could go to church and tend to visitors cards and other things that had to be completed. He was on watch duty at the tent from 5:00 AM until after church Sunday night with the exception of two hours that Kelly Jo covered between sunrise and Sunday School.

May God bless Bro. Jimmie! I know he must be thinking he took this job too cheap!

Sunday evening was the first night of City Reach Ft. Worth. We had a wonderful crowd including several visitors. It was a good service and God helped while the Pastors were praying for those with special needs. One lady that was visiting testified that God had touched her physically and we are rejoicing with her.

Odie snapped a few pictures Sunday night.

That pretty much wraps up our first weekend of City Reach Ft. Worth. We are expecting an even greater move of God the next seven nights. Please keep praying for us. God is answering prayer. As I type this, I am sitting under the tent late Sunday night and it still has not rained at all. We are asking God for a dry week AND we are praising Him one dry day and night at a time! Hallelujah!

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