Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The City Reach Weather Report

Service Monday night was outstanding. We had a great crowd from the four churches involved and a great crowd of visitors as well. God is reaching and God is touching folks like He is very likely to do every where that He is given a chance. We are praising God for His help and expecting each night to be better and better. 

We are also praising God for the good weather. Monday night we had no rain at all during the service (That makes two nights in a row) and a very fine misty sprinkle after church that lasted only a few minutes.

Monday morning when Kelly Jo was at the tent there was an angry looking storm system passing just north of the tent. Here are the screenshots from her phone.

The red in that storm was nasty. Some places just north of us reported several inches of rain in a very short time Monday morning and one brother told me there was some damaging hail too. At the tent there was just a very light shower that lasted only a few minutes.

We certainly do not know what the weather will bring us the rest of the week but we are asking God for no rain and we are praising God one night at a time.

I am at the tent tonight and Bro. Jimmie will come out and take his shift shortly. Kelly Jo sits under the tent some during the day and Pastor Stevens took a turn Monday as well. We have some others that have offered to help and we gladly accepted. They will take a turn later in the week. We sure appreciate all of the help.

Thank you all for reading.


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