Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tent Going Up - Ft. Worth City Reach

City Reach Report

Tuesday night was another great night of City Reach tent revival in the Ft. Worth area. The crowd was very good and the response to the preaching was tremendous. Each night we have folks coming from the community and it is thrilling to see God bless, save and deliver. The smiles on their faces puts all the hard work into perspective.

We also had a third service without any rain! Praise God.

I am typing this Tuesday night before I go to bed. I am actually going to bed tonight because two young men are watching the tent over night and giving me and Bro. Jimmie a break. That is awesome!

Tent Set Up

The tent set up went tremendously well for City Reach Ft. Worth on Saturday. A whole lot goes into this day and most of the time is starts weeks before. I am afraid that most of the load of getting permission to use the land and obtaining permitting to use the land fell on the capable shoulders of Pastor JJ Stevens. I hate he had to carry all the extra stress but he carried it well. Thank you, dear friend!

It is very nice to see it all come together and the tent finally go up on the site! I always breath a sigh of relief when the tent is in the air and everything is ready to go.

This site is nearly 2 acres and there is only one spot big enough for the tent that does not stand in water and is not too close to the main road. I intended to set up the full tent and set it back on the lot at an angle but we ended up setting the 70' configuration with the center poles on a ridge for good drainage.

Pastor JJ Stevens mowed most of the day on Friday.

Bro. Justin Smith put in several hours with the weed eater and backpack blower.

God bless these brothers for their hard work. It was definitely the season to be sneezing with all the grass flying around!

Kelly Jo, Bro. Jimmie and I figured how to set the tent and marked the stake line on Friday in addition to all the other things that must be completed the day before set up.

Unfortunately all the rain did not drown the fire ants and we have made a bunch of then very angry over the last few days. We used over 20 pounds of granules in two days for a space of about 100' x 100' at the most. We are well into our second 20 lb bag of granules. These are determined little devils but we will keep fighting.

Saturday morning started early with Bro. Jimmie pulling out of Victory Tabernacle and onto the tent site.

We had a great crew of men and women show up and the work commenced shortly after 8:00 AM. We have four cooperating churches involved with this meeting and all four Pastors were there to help with the set up. That is very encouraging for me and I told them so. I believe their participation bodes well for the whole meeting.

Bro. Nathan Wallace drove down from the House of Prayer in Gainesville, Texas to help put the tent up. He told me when we were there in February that he was coming to help and he kept his word. He was a super help. Thanks Bro. Nathan.

Jeffery and Rebecca Blankenship arranged to be in the area Saturday so they could help with the tent set up too. It was a blessing to us to have them.

Here is the great set up crew!

Those of you that follow along closely will probably notice the configuration inside the tent is different this week as well. Because there was really only one way to set up the tent, we had to do things a little differently.

When we have the 70' or 92' tent set up, we always have the pulpit area along one of the long sides. No one is more that 45' from the Bible Stand or altar in that configuration. That would not work at all here. So this week the pulpit is in the end and the church is set up long ways. It is different than usual but it is working just fine.

That brings you up to date on the tent set up. Thanks for reading and thank you for praying for City Reach.


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