Saturday, May 21, 2016

See You Later My Dear Friend Tammy Ferguson

Hello friends this is Odie reporting in from Texas. We have been a moving target this week. The BoggsMobile covered over 1,700 miles. Thank the Lord for helping us to make the long journey safely. You can read about it HERE.

The tent is going up today. Dad, Mom, Bro. Jimmie and others have been working hard to be prepared for this moment. We are excited for City Reach Ft. Worth. Please pray that we reach everyone possible here. Also pray that the weather is cooperative. 

Dad already told you I lost a a special friend a few days ago. By the grace of God I was blessed to have fellowship with her before she left us. Last weekend I was privileged to spend some precious time with my dear friend Tammy Ferguson. We drank Starbucks, shopped, ate, talked, laughed and went to two great City Reach services. 

Tammy and I loved to get together. We had a blast on our girls day in November of 2014. You can read about that day HERE. We wanted to plan another outing. We actually had a bucket list of outings planned for the years ahead. We would often text and talk on the phone of places we wanted to go and things we wanted to do. 

Several months ago we started talking about City Reach coming to California. Tammy told me that she would visit City Reach in California. She was excited about the whole City Reach project and prayed fervently for it. Tammy was excited to be a part of City Reach Atwater. 

Tammy actually left work early last Friday to have extra time to spend with me. She was an amazing friend! We headed to Starbucks and got some drinks. It was our mini belated  celebration for Tammy's 52nd birthday. It was great to talk face to face with her for a while before service that evening. 

After a wonderful Friday night service we had great fellowship with lots of friends. We  finalized our plans for Saturday morning. Then It was time to enjoy a fun filled day on Saturday. 

I had planned to write this description of our day together and post it this morning. Tammy was a faithful blog reader and would have loved to read all about it. She often left encouraging comments and sent us texts and emails about posts she liked.

It was a special treat to have Emily and Shea with us for part of the day Saturday. We loaded up in Tammy's car and headed to Modesto, California and did a little shopping at few stores. Mostly we just enjoyed four young ladies spending the day together. We had great time.

A highlight of the day was lunch at Tahoe Joe's! If you can believe it, we were more excited about eating than shopping.  I had the fabulous Santa Fe Dip sandwich. I highly recommend this choice at Tahoe Joe's

In this picture Tammy and I are ready for the day. She always went out of her way to make sure I was well cared for. She was so afraid she would do something wrong. Tammy would say, "You are precious cargo and I can not let your parents down." 

I know some of these are not the best pictures but I will cherish these forever. 

Tammy and I hanging out while Emily and Shea shoe shopped. 

We both shared a love for southern gospel music. Tammy had became friends with several artists. She attended their concerts and assisted them however possible. I loved hearing her stories. 

After lunch we headed back to Atwater. The other girls needed to do something else so we parted ways until church. Tammy's car found its way to Starbucks again. We liked half price drinks! We took our drinks back to the tent and continued to visit until church time. 

Tammy wanted to help with setup Saturday night. She was blowing the grass off the carpet here and wanted a picture of her working at City Reach on the blog. 

We had an outstanding service Saturday night. God moved amazingly in the altar service. Quickly it was time for Tammy to return home. After several hugs and a quick last picture we said "see you later". She said that "Goodbye was too sad and too final." This time, it really was.

Sunday Tammy texted to let me know she was rejoicing that God had answered a prayer for her Saturday night!! God had built our faith Saturday night during service and her prayer had been answered. I had no idea that would be one of my final text from her. 

Monday, I along with so many shocked people, received the unbelievable news that Tammy had left this life in her sleep. It is devastating news for us left behind. With out a doubt I know Tammy is rejoicing in Heaven. I look forward to a happy reunion someday. 

It is a definite reminder we must live life ready to leave here in a twinkling of an eye. Tammy definitely lived life to the fullest and was ready to go. Everyone knew that she loved them and she was a friend to all!

Several years ago Tammy made it her mission to pray for me and to be my personal encourager. Out of that grew a deep abiding friendship. We rarely went a day without touching base through text or phone. It is my privilege and honor to be her friend. 

Tammy was also a praying lady. She fasted and prayed for me different times without knowing how desperately I needed the boost. Tammy was in tune with God. I know I was not the only one that she helped through life by praying for them. 

Right now I am still in shock that she is gone. I wake up hoping this nightmare will end. So many times I have reached for the phone to call or text her. It just does not seem real! I am extremely grateful that I was able to spend precious time with her! It is a blessing I will cherish forever. 

A group of us mutual friends are trying to rally around each other and help each other through this. Tammy's absence leaves a hole in countless hearts.  We love you, Tammy!!! You were a friend to everyone and had a gift to make everybody feel special. You are definitely missed and life is not the same without you here!

Thank you to all you that have been praying for me and everyone else. Many have let me know you are praying. I know some of you never got to meet the awesome, Tammy Ferguson but you are standing by us in prayer any way. God bless you for it.

Tammy left behind a hurting family too! Please join me in praying that God gives them unspeakable comfort and peace through this heartbreak! I know they are struggling to adjust to the new normal without Tammy. We love you all dearly!

I am going to close with a few pictures I found from our 2015 visit to Riverdale Assembly of God, Tammy's home church. These were taken in October of last year. 

Wearing our Dainty Jewell's dresses

Dilan Rich, Me and Tammy 


Matching completely unplanned

Thanks for reading today.



  1. Can anyone come to the tent revival? I just drove by and would like to attend.

    1. Thank you for inquiring about tent revival. I am so glad that you are interested in coming City Reach Ft. Worth.

      Absolutely everyone is welcome to attend. There are four churches in this area that are putting on the tent revival and we are the evangelist. We would be thrilled to have you.

      The services will begin Sunday night at 6:00 PM May 22. The services Monday through Saturday will begin at 7:30 PM. The final night will be Sunday night May 29 at 6 PM.

      God bless you and we look forward to seeing you.

      Davy Boggs

  2. I just passed by the tent revival set up in Ft Worth! I plan on attending! I'm praying that the Lord pours out his spirit and that many will leave the revival never the same!!

  3. I am still in denial of Tammy's quick departure from this life, Odie, and I have been praying for you!! Tammy was my friend, after we became acquainted two years ago, but we didn't have the constant contact that you two did, and that she had with several of my family members. I can only imagine the void this has left for all of you. My heart is sad, but I'm so glad for the time that we did get to spend late Friday night and again Saturday morning, catching up with our busy lives. Each time I walk into my guest room, I am again overwhelmed with the shock and sorrow that she was gone Monday morning, after just sleeping in that room Friday night. She and my sister Rebekah have been dear friends for about 24 years. She is greatly missed. Love to you, Odie.

    1. Jeanne,
      Thank you for the prayers!!! I have been praying for you and your family too!!! I am thankful she was able to have that quality time with you!

      We were blessed with an amazing friend that touched so many lives. I understand the denial it just does not seem real.


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