Sunday, May 22, 2016

View Out The Front Window May 22, 2016

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Odie's Saturday Post was a sweet good-bye to her dear friend. It was very fitting and very touching.

If you like variety then you are in the right place today. The BoggsMobile and Bro. Jimmie's TentMobile were moving down the road this last week and we had several overnight views along the way. We finally landed in the Ft. Worth, Texas area but not before making a few stops after leaving California.

Our first overnight stop was at Flying J in Kingman, Arizona. Here is our view out the front door.

This was our view out the front window when we arrived.

And the next morning when we were ready to depart.

The next stop was Flying J in Tucumcari, New Mexico. This is our view out the front window.

This is our view out the front door.

Our final overnight stop was the Flying J in Ardmoore, Oklahoma. This is our view out the door.

This is our view out the front window.

Here is a view Thursday morning along the side of the BoggsMobile. You can see Bro. Jimmie's rig in the background. Unfortunately, he is not driving the Flying J tanker.

Thursday morning we arrived in the Ft. Worth area. The BoggsMobile is parked at Victory Tabernacle and here is the view out the window there.

Bro. Jimmie was able to pull onto the tent site but we decided it was too much of a risk to get the BoggsMobile stuck. That means we are parked about 1.5 miles from the tent. Since I can not get you a view out the front window with the tent in it, I thought I would share the view from where I am sitting under the tent as I type this about 1:00 AM. 

Bro. Jimmy was here watching until after midnight and he had a steady stream of folks stopping to inquire about tent revival. That is exciting. I believe the God is going help us. Of course good opinion or bad opinion does not stop God. As I was typing this a truck went by twice with the passenger yelling to take the tent down, but that will not slow God down one ounce.

In fact, I know they were going by slow enough to read the signs so they know the reason the tent is on this corner. "For God So Loved The World, One Life At A Time!" God loves you, friend. He loved you enough to send His only begotten son to pay the penalty for your sin. That is the whole purpose we are here.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a great Sunday.



  1. Praying for good weather during City Reach Ft. Worth.
    Bruce & Cilla

  2. Thank you, friend. We are praising God one day at a time for no rain!



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