Friday, May 27, 2016

City Reach Ft. Worth - Revival In Pictures

It is time for some pictures from City Reach! We have been having a wonderful time each night and we are very thankful the Lord is working in lives and hearts. I know that many of you are interested in what God is doing and we love telling you about it and love showing you the pictures.

We have had five great services of City Reach Ft. Worth under the Blue and White Gospel Tent. To God be the glory for the great things that he has done. We had more neighbors here tonight that were so thankful we are here preaching and singing in their neighborhood.

I am sitting out under the tent right now and we have just endured a mighty rainstorm and high winds mixed with wicked lightning and thunder. It is still raining but the tent rode it all out very well. 

Thankfully we have had five services with no rain during church. I do not know what the weekend holds but we are praising God for no rain one service at a time.

By God's grace we are expecting a special treat at City Reach Ft. Worth tonight, Friday. Kelly Jo and Odie are leaving early this morning to meet Pastor Sam Snow and pick up Bro. Shobanke. He is coming to spend the day with us and be is service with us under the tent. We are just a little super duper excited!
I wish you all could be here with us but maybe you can enjoy a little of the City Reach Tent Revival in Pictures. Hopefully we will have more pictures next week.

Thanks for checking in today.


Sound Check Wednesday night. By the way, the Meyer sound equipment that Ben Isaacs donated to City Reach and Boggs Family Ministries is working out great! We are getting so much clarity even at lower volumes and the subs sound awesome!


  1. Loved it every minute although I'm very tired from the week I'd do it all again in a heartbeat

    1. I am super glad you joined us and enjoyed it so much. Thanks for working so hard.



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