Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Where Is Waldo?

In April of 2012 Kelly Jo and I disappeared as part of a planned rest break for about two weeks. We figure it is just about time to do it again. This trip has been two years in the planning and we have had definite plans and reservations for well over a year. We leave Wednesday night June 24th and we are a little excited.

We had no phone service and no internet to speak of for most of our rest time in 2012. I am not sure how we will be situated with phone service and internet signal this time but I imagine it will be a little better than it was then. If we have signal we may post a little along the way but Odie will be taking care of things in my absence.

Last time we had a pretty good time with folks speculating where we were going. I figured I would open it up for guesses again. 

Where are we going? I will answer the question with multiple choice and let you decide.

1. Interviewing hundreds MORE candidates for a potential husband for Odie. We have applicants from all over the world.

2. Taking the BoggsMobile in for the new super secret, energy efficient, power boosting technology that will supposedly increase our fuel mileage to 36.4 MPG saving us thousands of dollar$ in fuel every year.

3. Hiking the Appalachian Trail from beginning to end again. This time from Maine to Georgia.

4. We are meeting for high level talks with the upper management of McDonald's to discuss ending my personal boycott of cheeseburgers. They desperately need my "Billions Served" to pull out of their downward financial spiral.

5. Re-filming our new hit reality show "Extreme Liposuction" for the Discovery Channel. The last time their puny little suction motor was not powerful enough. I hear they have upgraded to a 7.3 Powerstroke diesel motor.

6. We are filming a documentary for National Geographic about Odie living harmoniously in the wild with a family of Grizzly bears. The working title is "Meals On Wheels."

7. Swimming across either the English Channel or from Cuba to Key West. We are still investigating which place has fewer sharks AND shallower water.

8. We are attending training and obedience school with our new bus pet. He is a cute little potbellied pig named Wilbur.

9. Wimbledon called saying they need a little more competition for Serena Williams so Kelly Jo will be playing in her first Wimbledon tournament. Look for her at center court in the finals.

10. Recording my second exercise video with Richard Simmons.

11. Okay, It is finally time to hang up our bus keys and Pastor a church. We are considering multiple offers in various parts of the country. (No way anyone that reads this blog regularly is going to believe this one.)

This is an open book quiz so feel free to post your answers here. You might even be able to come up with some more ideas. Several of you know where we are going this time so keep that information to yourselves and don't spoil the secret for those that are guessing.

Have a great day. 


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