Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Going To Jail Again

We are having service every night at Bethany Revival Center as we usually do during revival. But we are a little extra busy this week. Monday I was busy with the BoggsMobile. I went as far as I can go and there is nothing to do now to the bus until I receive another part toward the end of the week. That frees up a little time.

I am filling that time with preaching at the Sedgwick county jail two mornings. I preached there yesterday morning and I am preaching there again this morning. Preparing and preaching twice a day is certainly enough to keep me occupied.

This is the ninth year in a row that I have preached at the county jail while I am here in revival and I always enjoy it very, very much. The first year I preached once and the next two years I preached three days. This is the sixth year that I have preached two days while I am in revival at Bethany. There is always more days available to me but in order to execute my duties faithfully to Bethany I keep it at two days now. That seems like a pretty good balance.

I love preaching to these guys. Each person in the service is at a different stage spiritually and some are not saved at all. God is always ready to minister to them and many of them are ready to receive it. That makes for a good response to the preaching especially if they know the preacher is real. At times the spiritual opposition is strong but God always brings the victory.

If you read this before 9:30 central time this morning, take a moment to ask God to help me, Bro.Charles Mitchell and Pastor John DiZazzo in the service this morning.

The girls are staying busy preparing for our time away. There's lots of sorting and packing going on along with last minute decisions on what to take and what to leave behind. Odie is not going with us but she is not staying in the bus so she is packing too.

We have got to get the bus back to Ohio after we finish here so pray that I can pull all the electrical stuff together. I think I can drive it without the alternator as I did the last 680 miles out here as long as I drive during the day, run the generator and keep the AC off. I would rather have it fixed though. I hope the next part works and I hope I can install it without problems.

That's all for today. Have a great day.


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