Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ethanol or Not?

Can you read the screen?

Be nice to your lawn mover. Non Ethanol gas available here.

Really? Non Ethanol is available here? Not at this pump or any other pump I could find at this station.

Every pump had the sticker that said Contains up to 10% Ethanol.

I think some one was a little mixed up, don't you?

That gas pump started my mind whirling. 

Does my signage conflict with everything else I am advertising? 

Does my screen say Christian? Preacher? Clergy? Church Member? Bible Reader?

Do my actions say something much less?

What if some one I come in contact today with needs a Christian? They got up this morning with problems too heavy to bear and they are looking for nudge from God. Right on cue, I walk in. They think, "Hey, there is a Christian. His sign says so."

Then they see a sticker on me that declares something besides Christian. I dare say they will not trust my Christian badge and they will likely walk away without their spiritual needs met and even a little worse off for knowing me.

I know that if I pulled into the gas station needing, wanting and expecting Non Ethanol gas and I saw the sticker that says Contains up to 10% Ethanol, I would probably go some where else.

Wouldn't you?

God help us to advertise you and live up to the talk with our walk.


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