Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Wound Up and Weport June 15

We arrived in Wichita early Thursday afternoon and hit the ground running. I had some preparation for the pending bus repair to do and several things concerning City Reach here in September to do as well. Right before the sun went down and the rain started Kelly Jo helped me give the BoggsMobile and The Green Machine a quick wash. It was a rush job but they both look so much better than they did.

The new voltage regulator was waiting for me when I arrived. I jumped out there Friday morning to put it on between rain showers. On the bright side it was very easy to install. It is easy to get to. It has four wires attached and is held on the bus by two screws. On the not so bright side it did not solve my problem.

Jeff Rowe from East Tennessee Luxury Coach is on the case and will get it figured out for me. If worse comes to worse I can run it home just like I drove it here from Effingham. I will keep you posted.

Kelly Jo prepared a tremendous meal Friday night!

We arrived a little early to help plan and prepare for our first City Reach campaign which will be held here in Wichita September 6-13, 2015. As of right now we have three churches on board to co-host and promote City Reach. The churches are Bethany Revival Center - Pastor John DiZazzo, First Church of God in Christ - Pastor Don Crowley and New Horizon Holiness Church - Pastor Terry White.

Bro. DiZazzo drove me to several possible City Reach locations Friday evening and Kelly Jo and I returned to a few of them Saturday plus a few more that had been suggested. We have some super great prospects for location and we are excited to be at this point. Help us pray for direction and then cooperation from property owners, neighbors and officials.

Saturday afternoon we had planned a meeting with the Pastors and their wives to discuss City Reach. Pastor Terry White was out of state for a wedding but we had a very productive meeting between Bro. and Sis. DiZazzo, Bro. Crowley, Kelly Jo and myself. There is no telling what God is going to do for this city and individual lives in September 2015.

We have received word from several people that intend to join us in a City Reach campaign next year. As I have mentioned before we are excited and thankful for every one who can attend, worship and work. I know that God will bless you for your efforts. If you would like to get a head start on next year and join us this September let us know. We would be glad to have you.

Saturday evening was beautiful in Wichita. I am so thankful for the wonderful weather. It was a scorcher when we arrived Thursday and the forecast was for more hotness. Thankfully the rain cooled it off some and Friday and Saturday temperatures were very nice and tolerable.

Revival kicked off in high gear Sunday morning and continued in high gear Sunday night.

Bro. Jimmie Radcliff came up from Sapulpa Sunday morning for service and stayed for lunch. It sure was good to have him with us. Thanks, Bro. Jimmie.

That wraps up our wonderful weekend in Wichita, Kansas. Thanks for reading.


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