Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Wound Up and Weport June 8

Friday I finished up the electrical projects in the barn and then began the process of picking up, cleaning and putting away tools in their proper place. Friday evening Kelly Jo, Levi (our neighbor) and I burned several huge piles of cardboard we had accumulated since December. I think they were multiplying over night in the barn so something had to be done.

When Mitch Boggs and Jason Fellers were here they fixed an old well into a fire pit for me. There was a 13' hand dug well that had not been used in over 20 years. It was not used because it was basically a cesspool. It had an old metal cover over it and it was pretty much hidden by the bunch of trees they removed for me with the lift.

I had an idea of turning the well into a fire pit and creating a way to dump the ashes down into the old well. Bro. Mitch perfected and implemented the idea. 

He formed a shelf about as far as he could reach into the well and then drilled holes in the wall and inserted rebar. Then he poured about a foot of concrete with a 4" whole in the middle made by PVC pipe.

Here is the finished product. Pretty neat!

This is where we burned all the cardboard Friday night.

We did discover something though. I think we created a volcano. When you rake the fire and hot coals over the hole it blows into the air like the well is ventilated some way. It was way cool.

Saturday I worked on getting the trailer organized and ready to ride. In the evening I worked on sermon stuff and Kelly Jo and Odie went to Hillsboro for her nephew Seth's birthday.

Sunday Kelly Jo and I had a very long and very enjoyable day. We left about 7:30 Sunday morning and drove to Danville, Kentucky to be in Sunday School and morning service at Old Path Holiness Church. We love the folks there but we really went to be with our dear friends Pastor David and Sis. Karen Noe. They have been so good to visit us in revivals and we wanted to return the favor.

Bro. David and Sis. Karen have been our dear friends for many, many years. They were the first family to embrace us and welcome us to Bond Campmeeting when we walked on the grounds in September 1988. We have never forgotten their kindness and hospitality toward us those many years ago and it still continues today.

May God bless and help our wonderful friends. They are some of the best people in the world.

We had a great time with them and their folks.

We spent the afternoon with them and then we headed back toward Ohio. It was nearly 6:00 as we neared the Ohio River so we made the decision to stop at Taylor Mill Pentecostal church. We figured we would be a little late but they started at 6:30 so we were actually a little early.

We have not been to Taylor Mill since Bro. Chris Oliver has been their Pastor but we have known Bro. Oliver and his family for over 22 years. He called and invited us to preach last year and we were unable to go. They threw open the doors in welcome to us and we are so glad we stopped. We had a wonderful service and great fellowship.

The Green Machine pulled into the Ranch about 10:00 14 1-/2 hours after we left. It was a full day that capped a full weekend and we enjoyed every moment of it.

Today we plan to work around the rain until the bus is out of the barn and hooked up to the trailer. If we get all that done then we may go ahead and pull out this evening. If not then Tuesday will work too.

I hope you had a great weekend.


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