Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekend Wound Up and Weport June 1


Friday morning started with a very empty feeling. I walked outside and this is what I saw. 

The empty place is where the Millikin's trailer had been parked for a week. They pulled out very early Friday morning headed home. They were scheduled to preach a Homecoming in Tulsa Sunday and Bristow Campmeeting starts Tonight.

It was so good to have the Millikins with us during tent revival. They were a tremendous blessing to us and to the churches that were a part of revival. Praise God for the way He used them to minister to us exactly what we needed each night.

Praise God as well for taking care of them on the way home Friday. Bro. Jimmy had to put his truck and trailer in the ditch to make room for the car next to him that was about to be crushed by a semi. Another vehicle had stopped suddenly in the left lane to make and illegal turn around and nobody could get stopped in time. It could have been a total disaster but thank God they all walked away without a scratch. Their nerves were shaken but it could have been much, much worse.

Bro. Jimmy said the ground was very soft, the angle was steep and it looked like the trailer was fixing to lay over in the ditch at any moment.

The tow truck was able to pull them out and get them back on the road.

Tent Revival

Friday night of revival was a great finale to the meeting. There were several young folks in the altar seeking God and He was touching lives all over the place. Praise God for the way He moved each night of revival. We will have a Revival In Pictures post later in the week.

I appreciate all of the local churches and Pastors that participated in the tent revival and I appreciate all of the hard work to make it a success. Tent revival in NOT a one man show and that fact is reinforced in every tent revival.

We had a couple of rain showers right before church Friday night. If I had any illusions that the tent and ground would be dry enough to take down after church Friday the rain washed my illusions away. Thankfully it was dry over night and the sun was shining Saturday morning. The tent came down easily Saturday about 1:00 PM with a few sprinkles of rain to make us hurry near the end.

Friday afternoon I had started organizing the trailer differently than it has been the last three summers. I have been carrying 200 chairs and now I am carrying 400 chairs. Everything had to be rethought and redone. 

This is the platform that has carried the 200 chairs for three years and many thousands of miles. Bro. Hunter from St. Stephens, Alabama welded it for me and Bro. Swanson in Ledbetter, Kentucky reinforced it later. It has held up well and will now carry the tent pieces for the foreseeable future.

The 400 chairs will now ride on carpeted boards. The poles used to right under them separated by the platform. The lift is near its capacity with just the chairs so I am now moving the poles down below.

Here are the chairs fulling loaded and strapped in.

Here is the tent Friday morning and ready to come down. I will post pictures of the tent coming down later.

Saturday evening we road with my parents to Katie Smith's graduation celebration and went inside for a few minutes.

Red Lobster

Afterward Dad and Mom took us to Red Lobster for a super great meal. We had a wonderful time with them and Tommy, Holly and Jonas.

We were home and in bed by 8:00 PM Saturday night. I was exhausted. I was up early Sunday morning feeling like a new man! Praise God for rest.


Sunday we went to our home church at Dryden Rd. both services. It was so good to be home and we enjoyed it very, very much. We are so thankful to have a church home and a Pastor. God led us there over 27 years ago and they have been a vitally important part of our lives and ministry.

With our Pastor Bennie D. Sutherland

Kelly Jo, Renae, Angela

That is the full report on our weekend. I hope you had a great Sunday. I am going to try to do as little of nothing as I can legally do today and maybe even tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


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