Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Big Announcement..

We have a big announcement today. Not super duper big, but big enough...

Starting Saturday Kelly Jo and I are disappearing for about two weeks. Poof! Just like that, we are gone!

It may seem that sudden but actually this disappearance has been over a year in the planning.

Our phones will be turned off. That means no phone calls or texts. We may or may not have access to Internet or inclination to use the Internet so there may be no blogging either. I may have a few posts scheduled to go up in that time period and Odie may post some as well. Knowing Odie's track record with blogging I wouldn't count on a post every day but you might check in just in case...

Where are we going and what are we doing, you may ask? I will answer that with multiple choice and let you decide...

1. I am joining the circus so I can see how elephants really put up tents...

2. Meeting in an underground bunker working with the best and brightest minds on strategy for the re-elect Obama 2012 campaign...

3. Participating in a top secret space shuttle mission studying the effect of zero gravity and low earth orbit on fat people.

4. Interviewing hundreds of candidates as potential husbands for Odie. You mean you haven't seen our advertisements on Craigslist? They are in the barter section.

5. Filming our new hit reality show "Extreme Liposuction"...

6. Hiking the Appalachian trail from beginning to the end, Georgia to Maine.

7. Starring in a new exercise video with Richard Simmons.

8. We are being relocated by the Federal Witness Protection Program. In that case you may never hear from us again... (This one may be a little unbelievable. Where would they hide a guy my size..See option 1 above)

This is an open book quiz so feel free to post your answers here. You might even be able to come up with some more ideas.

Have a great day.



  1. I love option #4! My other guess would be that Aunt Kelly finally got noticed by someone famous after they saw one of her pictures on the blog and is going to Hollywood to film a movie.... LOL
    Have fun... where ever you guys are going.
    Love you,

  2. 9. Out on the Sea hoping to spot pieces of the Titanic.

  3. #7...ROFL!!! How did you come up with THAT?

  4. 15 days holed up in an undisclosed location with
    the Cheney's, Dick and Lynn. Have they been on
    the blog yet? Try to get him to the convention in

  5. That would be a worth while cause, Bubba!

  6. So you're involved in the space shuttle mission too?

  7. Oh, Bro. Harris, that is so hilarious! Now the word is out!


  8. Good guess! No rest for us in Africa but I am looking forward to going back in November/December. We miss our friends in Nigeria.


  9. Very, very, very Deep Sea Fishing....with no fishing poles.

  10. Touring as back up singers for Arthea Franklin!

    Mr. Anonyumous

  11. So, did Odie convince you that you needed to go on a cruise?


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