Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Taking Down The Tent

I promised I would post the pictures from the tent take down and today is the day to do it. We had a very brief window of dry weather and everyone jumped in and the tent came down and was packed away in a jiffy. I appreciate all of the hard work.

Services were so good that I was really tempted to leave the tent up and go on a few more nights in revival. I ultimately decided against it and I am so glad I did. The weather has been cold and rainy and it would have been plum miserable under the tent in the evenings.

I did almost absolutely nothing but spend time with Kelly Jo on Monday. It was a great day. I intended to keep it up all day on Tuesday but after lunch I fell off the wagon and jumped into a few tent trailer and barn projects. I am right in the middle of several things and I will detail it all later.

We have been on the fence as to whether we should go on toward Oklahoma and Kansas but we have decided to stick around a few more days. I will let you know our plans when I know them.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Here is one before picture and a few after pictures.

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