Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thankful For Things I Did Not Know I Needed

Even though I try to live with my eyes open and my heart heavenward I often miss God's near silent working in various situations of life.Thankfully He keeps working faithfully even when I am oblivious. I am very grateful that He does.

God's Help

I knew God helped me with a task I was working on a few weeks ago but I did not realize how important AND timely that task was. God knew.

I quickly realized I was in over my head on my generator project a few weeks ago. The belt, hoses and coolant really needed to be replaced. As I mentioned the hoses turned into an ordeal and I was racing against time to get it completed before pulling out for Oklahoma and Kansas.

There are months that I use the generator very, very little. If I close revival on Friday and drive 2-3 hours  or even 8-10 hours and set up at another church on Saturday there is no need for the generator. We have air conditioning and heat powered by the engine when we are going down the road. Also the inverters provide for our electrical needs from the house batteries while moving.

Since there are times that we have no need for it at all, I end up running the generator once a month for 3 hours going down the road or while stopped to eat in order to keep it exercised, not because we need it. Most experts recommend doing that to keep it in good shape.

What I Did Not Know

Because of that I almost stopped mid project a few weeks ago and just let it go for the moment. I was having such a hard time finding the correct hoses and I figured I would not need the generator on the next trip so I could finish the hoses and coolant later. Sometimes when I am banging my head against the wall the best thing to do is stop. Banging my head against the wall hurts me!

I am so glad I did not stop mid stream. Because of the problem I described in yesterday's post and in the original post I needed the generator on that trip very badly. If the generator had not been available it is very possible that I would have needed to find an RV park nearby and waited for parts to arrive and go through all the diagnostics there instead of Wichita.

That would have been difficult on a time sensitive schedule. I might have been able to limp 275 miles back home but that would have been bad for several reasons. 

1. We would have driven nearly 600 miles and 10-12 hours for nothing. 
2. We would have had to take the car to Oklahoma and Wichita and stay in motels or cancel the revival. This means hardship for Odie, not taking our sound system and not sleeping in my own bed at night.

3. I would not have been able to pick up the new tent section in Miami, Oklahoma. The center pole will not go in the Green Machine even if the tent pieces would. Lol

4. I would not have been able to place the tent trailer in the right position to pick it up when it is time. I would have had to pull the tent trailer later in the summer from here an extra 1000+ miles plus the 600 wasted miles. Not Good.

God Knew

Because the Lord helped me to pull all the generator stuff back together and get it going I was able to run the generator over 30 hours on that trip. That is way more than usual and about 30 hours more than I had any idea I would need. Also, because it had a new belt, new hoses and fresh coolant I was very confident that it was up to the task.

Praise God for helping me more than I knew I needed. When I take the time to look around I see plenty of opportunity to praise God for situations just like that. I am thankful He knows more than I do.

Look for something to be thankful for today. I think you will find it. Thanks for reading.


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