Saturday, June 27, 2015

Washboard Too Laundry Wichita, Kansas

Happy Saturday friends,
I hope you have had a wonderful week. Our week was rushed at times but turned out smoothly. We split ways as a family Wednesday afternoon. My parents trip got off to a good start. I am enjoying a quiet break from the road. 

Part of our road life is finding a laundromat every week. We jokingly say we know our towns by the good and bad laundromats. There are some places we make laundry last two weeks, because there are not any good laundry facilities in the area. There are even a few places we look forward to laundry day.

One of our favorites is in Wichita, Kansas. We have been visiting here on our yearly trips for over 10 years. It is a nice clean place to do our laundry. The owners are super nice! We feel like we are seeing our long-lost friend every time we visit their place of business. 

The owners are now ready to slow down a little bit. The place is for sale. I understand they need to get a way from the workload. It does make me sad to think we might have been seeing our friend for the final time last week. 

Our world is filled with great people. Who put bright spots in our day.  We have been blessed to meet so many of these kind people along the way! Have a great weekend.  


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