Monday, December 2, 2013

Short Travel Day and Revival In Hazard, Kentucky

We were up with the sun Sunday morning. I rested fitfully a few hours Saturday night but mostly waited for the sun to come up. I usually sleep pretty good at truck stops but I had the events from the previous day on my mind. I should sleep real good tonight.

I had not planned on fueling the BoggsMobile until next week when we take it home. But after running the generator 12 hours I was down to just above a half a tank so I filled up before I left the Pilot station Sunday morning. That makes three travel days in a row that I have filled up and that is not cool at all. I will probably top it off before I get to Ohio next week and then I should be OK until January.

When the weather is cold I usually put in Howes Lubricator to keep the diesel from freezing and turning to gel. The Ultra Low Sulfur diesel will freeze pretty easily without a little help. 

I use a half a bottle with each fill up in winter. I was using the second half of a bottle today but I could not get it all in without a funnel. I twisted that bottle every way I could and still had a little that would not come out.

See it?

I finally decided to pour it in my mouth and then transfer it from my mouth to the filler tube on the bus. I realized that would not work because I did not want to get saliva in the diesel tank. Plus I would get diesel on my lips if I touched the filler tube. I ended up throwing the last few drops away.

We made it to Bond, Kentucky and parked and set up by about 12:45. The wheel that gave us trouble on the trailer was warmer that the others when I stopped to check on the way. It was not extremely hot but warmer. I guess it needs some more attention so some more attention it shall receive.

We are preaching for Pastor Duane Allen in Hazard this week but every level place in Hazard big enough for the bus has a building on it. So we are parking at Bond and driving back and forth. We left at 4:00 so we would have time to visit and set up our sound equipment.

It was great to see everybody again. We had a wonderful start to revival. It seems like there is a lot of excitement about revival and we are very thankful for that. We are looking forward to seeing what the Lord will do in folks lives this week.

We also had some special friends from a far that were visiting as well. I will tell you more about them later when I get some pictures.

I hope you had a great Sunday.


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