Sunday, December 15, 2013

Saturday Update From Mexico

The first service Friday night went very well. The crowd was very good. Bro. Larry said that some said about 400 people. I was thrilled with the service and the enthusiasm of the folks.

It felt good to be back under the Gospel tent again. I was pretty comfortable preaching with Bro. Larry interpreting and was glad to have that first sermon behind me. 

We sang a couple of songs in English and then Kelly Jo sang a song in Spanish that she had been working on. I did not understand a word she said so she must have been doing it right. 

Saturday was a great day. The temperature was a little warmer but it was not unbearable. When I think about how cold I will be when I get home next week the heat does not bother me much at all. 

Pastor Adan Nataren pastors a church at Via Del Mar. It is not far from Arriaga. Bro. Larry preached an outdoor crusade for them earlier thus year with great results.  Pastor Adan was conducting the baptizing Saturday on the outskirts of town and asked Bro. Larry to help with it. The folks being baptized were converted in that revival. 

Praying over the folks that were baptized. 

It was down off the road. Thankfully Odie's push wheelchair has four wheel drive. 

Saturday night was another great crowd and great service too. I snapped just a few pictures. I am sure that Kelly Jo and Odie took more and I will post more later.


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