Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Night Under The Tent

We have been posting more than once per day. If you check the blog only once each day you might want to scroll down or look in the sidebar on the left for more posts you might have missed. 

We will have many more pictures but I wanted to post a few from Sunday night before I head off to dream land. It was the last night of tent revival and it was a great night. 

The weather guessers were forecasting winds at 27 mph and I would say they were pretty close. The wind was flopping the tent pretty bad but the folks did not seem to mind at all. 

They were worshipping and praising God tonight and many were blessed in the service. We had good response in the altar including this 79 year old man who was saved. 

His wife is a faithful Christian and tonight he joined her in the altar. In fact he was one of the first ones to respond. His salvation was worth every dollar spent and every mile travelled. Praise God. 

We are so thankful Bro. Larry and Sis. Rosemary Landress invited us to Chiapas for this tent revival. It has been a pleasure and an honor for us to be here. 

Here are a few pictures from Sunday evening. 


The back entrance of out hotel. 

The front of our Hotel. 

Davy & Bro. Jorge

Passing out candy. 

The tent is about ready to come down. 

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