Wednesday, December 18, 2013

First Day Home and More Pictures from Mexico

To see all of our recent posts from Mexico click HERE. Scroll down on that page to see them. When you come to the bottom of the page click on "Older Posts" to see more of them.

I hope you are not getting tired of pictures from Mexico because we still have several more to post. We have not even started posting the great pictures that Sis. Rosemary took with her good camera. She really snapped some really good pictures.

The flight last night from Cleveland was short, cold and snowy and ran a few minutes late. We arrived safely and it felt good to be near home. It was about 11:35 by the time we were loaded up in the Green Machine and headed for Waynesville. 

It was so nice to get back to the BoggsMobile and find it safe and sound. My Dad and my brother Steve watched it closely while we were gone making sure nothing froze in the frigid weather. I sure appreciate being able to leave it in their hands. I was able to focus on my responsibilities in Mexico rather than fret about the bus.

Kelly Jo had emptied the fridge and freezer in the BoggsMobile in case I needed to turn the breaker off when we were planning to store the bus inside while we were gone. That did not work out but the fridge and freezer stuff was already moved to the fridge in my Dad's barn. We went there this morning to get all of that and started a pretty busy day.

We did not get everything completed that we wanted to do today but we will climb back into the ring tomorrow. It is supposed to warm up and that is enough to make me deliriously happy. 

We did get our sound system is set up next door in the Dodds church. We are starting a short revival here tonight and I am really looking forward to it. As most of you know I was raised in this church and I always enjoy coming back here to preach. It is an honor and privilege to preach here and we are looking forward to see what the Lord will do in these services.

Enjoy a few more pictures from Mexico.


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