Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Morning In La Linea

Bro. Larry preached this morning in the church in La Linea. He must have been preaching good because I did not understand much of what he said. I could tell the church folks were loving it though. Seriously, I could tell The Lord was helping him and the people. 

The Pastor in La Linea is Abel De Los Santos. He and his wife have received us with such great hospitality. We appreciate their kindness so very much. She is a very good singer too! 

Pastor Abel and Davy

Sis. Rosemary, Bro. Larry, Sis. Mary and Bro. Jorge. 

Bro. Larry and Bro. Jorge had prepared Christmas sacks from Holiness In Mexico. After church they passed them out to the children and young people. There were a lot of smiles. I will post more pictures of that later. 

These are the mountains that are near Arriaga. They are beautiful. This is really awesome country. 

We have one more night of tent revival in La Linea. We are looking forward to see what God is going to do. Thanks for praying for us. 


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