Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ribs and Christmas Music

Friday was a busy day and so far today is working out the same way. We were about 3:00 AM getting to bed Thursday night after our last late night trip back from Hazard. Friday morning came too early but we wanted to get everything ready to ride before lunch time.

We were able to get everything ready by 11:00 and then we headed over to Bro. and Sis. Gabbard's for a great visit and wonderful lunch. There is nothing "diet" at Sis. Ann's house so Friday was definitely a splurge day.

The ribs were some of the best I have ever eaten!

After visiting a while longer we headed back to the bus. We have been parked at the Bond church fellowship hall and we appreciate Pastor John Gabbard and the Bond church for allowing us to park there. It is one of our favorite places to park and the Bond folks are some of our favorite people.

I cranked up the BoggsMobile and headed toward London, Kentucky. I was going to the place where the trailer was being worked on and Kelly Jo and Odie needed to make a Walmart run. The trailer was at Visone RV north of London and they were giving me an idea on what it would take to make a little repair to the bus. It was going to take more time than they had and more money than I had so we put it off to another time.

The trailer was not quite ready so I left it and parked a few miles away in a small RV park near the interstate in London. I thought I might go get the trailer this morning so I wanted to be close. The trailer was finished this morning but they told me I could swing by and get it when I start toward Ohio Sunday or Monday depending on the weather.

I ran up this morning to pay for the repairs to the trailer. The wheel I had trouble with a week ago Saturday needed quite a bit of work. Thankfully the hub and spindle are OK. The large inside bearing was in bad shape and should have been replaced last Saturday. The inside bearing that was replaced last Saturday had to be replaced again. 

The roadside mechanic in Knoxville installed the wrong size bearing. The ID was almost 1/4 inch too big! That night I suggested that he take off another wheel and get the right bearing size from it but he was sure he knew what it was. Obviously he did not. He also left off a crucial washer when he put things back together. The guys at Visone RV said that if I had driven much farther I would have ruined the hub and the spindle too.

I told the mechanic in Knoxville but he responded kind of hateful and did not even acknowledge the fact that he put the WRONG size bearing on my trailer. I really appreciate he and his wife coming out on a very cold Saturday night but I think the $277 he charged me plus whatever Good Sam paid him at least deserves the correct part, especially on something so critical.

It should be in good shape now though. The guys at Visone RV replaced the bearings in that wheel, cleaned and packed the bearings in all of the other wheels and installed new brake shoes all the way around the trailer. It was very, very painful paying the bill this morning but I am confident it is done right. The other bearing all looked great but I figured it was best to clean and pack them too.

We pulled over to First Pentecostal in London about 12:30 today, unloaded all of our sound equipment and then parked the BoggsMobile. After we set up the sound we practiced an hour or two. We are doing a Christmas service her tonight for Pastor Vernon Jarvis and his folks so we are singing a lot of material we do not usually sing. We are looking forward to the service at 7:00.

We are supposed to preach for Bro. Lester Carpenter tomorrow morning and then we will be pointed toward Ohio. There may be one slight problem in that plan. The weather guessers are calling for sleet and freezing rain over night so there may not be any church tomorrow morning and we may not be able to travel north at all. The weather is worse the farther north you go. We will see.

God bless you all.


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