Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Many Sparrows

It has been a busy week. We are parked at Bond and preaching revival each night in Hazard, Kentucky. The trip takes us 1 1/2 hours each way. I have been working on bus and trailer projects during the day and Kelly Jo and Odie have been preparing for a Christmas service in London, Kentucky Saturday night. 

I have determined the wheel on the trailer needs more attention AND it should be worked on before I drive to Ohio Sunday night. I have an appointment to take it to a place north of London Thursday morning if all goes well. 

Mechanical trouble drives me crazy but each thing needs to be dealt with as best I can deal with it. Every day I ask God to guide my steps yet I find myself fretting anyway. 

In the grand scheme of things our little troubles are nothing when compared to what many of our friends are going through. I need to be more thankful for the blessings I enjoy everyday. 

I must also take comfort from the fact that God is mindful of us even when we do not sense His presence every moment. I have had several texts, emails and phone calls the last few days from friends letting me know that my family has been on their heart and they are praying for us. 

That should be encouraging IF I will allow it to be. God placing us on the hearts of praying people even though our troubles are relatively small, demonstrates God's love and concern for us. 

God takes care of sparrows. We are worth many sparrows. You are worth many sparrows. Praise God for His compassion and help!

We leave for Hazard again tonight in just a little while. We are having a good revival with Pastor Duane Allen and his folks. Keep praying for us. 


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