Friday, December 13, 2013

Time For Tent Revival In La Linea

I posted earlier today and I may do that some while we are here. If you check the blog once each day you might want to scroll down or look in the sidebar on the left for more posts you might have missed. 

We rested well overnight even if we all would have like to have slept a few more hours. We had a great meal in a restaurant in town and we are looking forward to service tonight. 

We are staying in Arriaga and the tent revival is scheduled in La Linea about 40 minutes away. 

Here's the weather forecast for Arriaga, Mexico. 

Here's Arriaga on the map. You can also see Tuxtla Gutierrez where we flew in last night. 

This is Arriaga in the grand scheme of things. 

This is La Linea on the map. 

A picture of the mountains while we were out today. 

Practicing a few songs in our motel room. Notice the glorious AC on the wall. 

Please pray for the meeting. The wind is blowing the tent pretty strong, the sound system is messing up and they are having some problems the electricity. I know that God can bring everything into order for His glory. So be it, Lord!

God bless you all. 


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