Wednesday, June 26, 2013

To The Southernmost Point and Back

Odie posted yesterday about a trip to the Columbus Zoo.
Tomorrow we will post the winner of the CD cover contest.

Kelly Jo and I have been in Florida for a few days and arrived home Tuesday. Like most of our traveling it was a combination trip. We combined church, preaching, singing, visiting friends, business, wedding anniversary and more all into one trip.

We had a wonderful time. We flew into Tampa (Free flights with skymiles rock!) and drove through the Everglades to Key West and back to Tampa. We had church, had fun, saw some beautiful things and ate some great food along the way.

Our last night Florida there was a terrific storm in Tampa and the view was absolutely stunning. We snapped some pictures with our phones but they do not convey the beauty. Kelly Jo and I love rain so the whole trip could not have ended any better.

We hope to leave tomorrow (Thursday) morning for Washington, Illinois. We are planning to set up the tent there on Saturday morning and begin revival Sunday. I am more than ready to preach under the blue and white Gospel tent.


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  1. Loved seeing you guys, looks like you had a great trip!


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