Thursday, June 20, 2013

Anti-itch Meditation

I have been reading a preacher's blog for a few years and I have only shared him with a very few close friends. His name is Jeff Weddle. He is funny, smart and mixed with a splash of sarcasm. I can only take sarcasm in very small doses but this is the correct amount. He is not right on every thing but he freely admits that and I find that very refreshing.

This is an excerpt from a great post he put up a couple of weeks ago. You can read the whole thing HERE.
Kids are dumb and this cannot be changed. All a dad can hope for is that their dumb is released in better ways than the dumb that kids will come up with. It is my contention that if you do not show kids how to be properly dumb they will be in jail very soon.
At the same time a dad gets on a kid’s level, dads are also supposed to raise kids to a higher level. Again, God is my example. God knows our frame, He remembers that we are dust, so what did He do? He became dust like us.
But His purpose for getting on our level was to raise us to His level–the heavenly took on an earthly body so we in the earthly body might be made heavenly. Kids need to see how an adult acts and handles consequences of dumb.
But please, please, please adults, understand that the Kingdom of God is filled with those with childlike faith. Being mature and an adult does not mean we don’t do crazy stuff–it means we do totally awesome crazy stuff.
Isn't that great?

I read a whole lot of good stuff that I would like to link to but ultimately I do not because I do not want to lead millions of readers with impressionable minds to blogs and stories on sites that also contain lots of incredibly rotten doctrine. That's not the reason I have not shared this guy. I kept him to myself because even I have selfish moments.

I hope you enjoy Anti-itch Meditation.


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