Friday, June 28, 2013

Travel Day - Waynesville, Ohio to Washington, Illinois

We announced the winner of our recent contest on yesterday's blog.

Thursday was a travel day. We loaded the Green Machine in the tent trailer (The tent trailer needs a good name), hooked up the BoggsMobile to the nameless tent trailer and left Waynesville about 9:00 AM. Unless we have a major change of plans, the BoggsMobile and the trailer will not be back in Ohio until December. We plan to attend campmeeting at Dryden Rd. in August but we plan to drive the Green Machine.

We drove about 350 miles to Washington, Illinois. The drive was uneventful, just like we want it. If did rain off and on for about the first two hours but it was not too bad. This is our first time to be with Bro. Green and his family in Washington but we have known them for years since they are originally from the Oklahoma area.

We are setting up the tent here and hoping to add some families to the kingdom of God and to the local Church. We are excited about trying to be a blessing to the Green's and their congregation. Pray that God will meet with us and give us souls in this tent revival.

We arrived early enough yesterday (Since we gained an hour with Central Time) that Kelly Jo and I measured the stake line for the tent. Everything is ready for the men to start driving stakes on Saturday morning. The ground is sloped a little more than I have ever set up on but I think we will be OK.

Wednesday my parents took us out to eat for our anniversary which is Saturday. It was a great meal. Thanks Ma and Pa! We will be busy Saturday so we probably will not be going out for a special meal. I am so thankful that Kelly Jo is not hung up on celebrating on a particular day. If she was not flexible I would be in trouble every year.

We went to Acapulco a time or two while we were in and out at home the last few weeks. I think I missed taking a picture of one California Burrito but here are a few of them. I am going to miss this place the next few months.

God bless you all for reading.



  1. Ahem...Not only is the trailer nameless but the the "Anniversary Meal" restaurant is also nameless. I assume it is a seafood place and looks dad-licious! You know I am logging these places so I know where to eat if I get in the area!

    God Bless!

    1. Sorry, Bro. Ray. The nameless restaurant is Red Lobster by the Dayton Mall. You will have to come to Campmeeting in August to eat there! Lol


    2. I got so worried about the restaurant name that I forgot to wish you Happy Anniversary! So...Happy Anniversary to Davy & Kelly!

      Love you guys!

    3. Thanks. Look for my anniversary post Saturday morning.

  2. Happy Anniversary to two very special people whom I have grown to love dearly; plus an awesome daughter! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

    Enjoy your day!

    Sis. Tammy


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