Saturday, June 1, 2013

Travel Day and Family Time

This morning I post a bunch of pictures from the last night of tent revival in Springville, Indiana.

Today (Saturday) was a long, full day. The storms rocked us Friday night and the rain continued all morning until we left Springville about 11:00 AM. I had quite a bit of preparation to do in order to leave and all of it was completed in the rain. By the time Bro. Lakes moved the trailer into position and I had hooked it up to the BoggsMobile I had been soaked to the bone for hours.

I changed clothes and we hit the road running toward Ohio. We drove out of the rain after about an hour. The trip was about 200 miles and it took us about four hours including a stop at Flying J to empty our holding tanks. We pulled in to Anchor of Hope church near Lebanon about 3:00.

Dad helped me get parked and then I cleaned up and went into the visitation for my cousin, Annette Cook. The crowd huge all evening. There were so many people that I had not seen in years including lots of first cousins. I counted 31 of us first cousins there last night with more coming tomorrow. I could have easily missed some in the crowd. There are 88 of us left living if my count is correct.

The funeral is tomorrow at this church at 2:00 PM. Please pray for her husband, son, parents, siblings and all of the family. I know that it will take God to comfort them. 

We will attend the funeral and then stay until Tuesday. We begin revival Wednesday night for Bro. Herman Woods in Tennessee. We are contemplating leaving the bus here since we are coming right back to this church to preach revival the following week. Some of that depends on whether on not I can find a good deal on a hotel in Oak Ridge.

I hope you all have a super great Sunday.


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