Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CD Cover Design

Yesterday I posted about our pictures for the CD from Imprints Photography by dee. She did a super job with the subjects she had to deal with and we appreciate it so much. We had to have good pictures in a short  amount of time and Dee came through.

But that is only the first very important crucial step in the process.

The second step is to translate those pictures into some kind of workable design. The cover needs to look sharp, catch the eye, contain the right information without being crowded, sell a million CDs and hopefully have a little fun in the process! (Selling a million CDs would probably be pretty fun.)

All of that is way above our pay grade. So what to do? The only thing a person could do is turn to the resident expert in all things photography and design, Julie Stephens from Calotype Photography in Neosho, Missouri.

For all the reasons I explained yesterday, we were working against an impossibly tight schedule but thankfully Julie waved her wand and made it all work some how and some way. In just a little while she was sending us amazing creations and we were staring in wonder at what she had done.

Folks, I am not exaggerating when I say that Julie Stephens is one of the most gifted and talented persons I know. She has applied herself to learning her craft and she has learned it well. I am sure she might object to all of this praise but I am trying to convey much more that mere flattery. She really is that good.

It is true that we consider Julie and her husband John as very good friends. They are dear to us and we love and appreciate them so much. We love preaching revivals in their home church and love getting to spend time with them in and out of church.

But these compliments are more than blind friendship. Julie really is awesome. Thank you, Julie, for putting your heart into what you do. It really comes through in your work and we get to benefit from it. 

I am going to post a few examples of ideas that Julie came up with. None of these are a completed project but they offer ideas of what can be done. To my eye every one of them would work perfectly on our new CD. Like I said, Julie is awesome. Visit the website of Calotype Photography and see for yourself.

One of these below is the design that we chose for the CD cover. It has some slight changes but it is very, very close to the one we sent to the printer. Can you guess which one we chose? What is your favorite? I feel a contest coming on. You ready for a contest?

If you choose the correct design for our new CD cover I will put your name into a hat, have Odie draw out a winner and send you one of the very first new CDs we receive. (We should have them by August 1st at the latest.) You must make your selection in the comments below this blog in the next 3-4 days to be eligible to win.

Now, a few of our regular readers have already seen the design we chose. Sorry, you can not win but you will probably end up with a free CD anyway.

Well, what are you waiting for? Start guessing. 








  1. Was it #3? They are all so good, but that's my favorite... and you're right, Julie is AWESOME!
    -Rebecca Swafford

  2. The second one?

  3. I still like #3 the best, although I like #4 kinda has a snow look affect :)

  4. Oh, please.... glad you like them! I am really ready for Christmas now!

  5. #3??? Julie Martin

  6. Like them all but 3 and 5 are my favs - with 5 on top love the b/w for winter!!! - Sis. Tammy Ferguson

    Can't wait to see you!

  7. Jim likes 5 and I like 3. Jim and Karen Bryant

  8. I like picture #2.

  9. I like them all but I think number 4 is my favorite!!! Deidre

  10. 5!!! I love that one! ALAYNA ISAACS. ;)

  11. 2......
    Letonya Lawson

  12. #4

  13. #4 - Chris & Kim Moore - Oklahoma

  14. #5 :)Evan Binkley

  15. #4 Wade and Christy Hudson

  16. These are ALL awesome, but my favorite is #3. Is that what you picked? :)

  17. Thanks for all of the participation. The Winner will be announced on Thursday 6/27.

  18. Hank is a little slow but he would have voted for number 4. Oh and look there is a spot for him in the picture sitting beside Kelly, now that would have been awesome, probably would have double your sales!

    1. Haha! We will make sure Hank gets his very own copy!

      Kelly Jo actually mentioned how cool it would be to have Hank in the picture. Great minds think alike!



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