Thursday, August 5, 2010

Saturday Evening Storm and The Thoughts It Brings

This past Saturday night the Metzger family invited us over for a tremendous meal with the whole family. The meal was super! In fact it was so good that I had devoured it before I remembered to take any pictures. But I did get some pictures of the series of storms that blew over while Bro. Metzger and I were sitting in the front yard. We had to retreat to the porch a time or two to dodge the showers and hail but it was a beautiful evening.

Kelly Jo and I learned to love rain many years ago during an October trip to the Smoky Mountains. We went to relax and enjoy the fall weather and to view the brilliant fall colors. Instead of sunshine and beautiful leaves it rained the whole time we were there. I didn't say sprinkle for a reason. It rained! It rained so hard that it beat the leaves off the trees and the only colorful leaves were on the ground mixed with mud and tears! It rained so much that we would get soaked going from the truck to a restaurant.

It could have been miserable....but it wasn't!

We loaded up in our little beat up and rusted out Isuzu pickup and we spent those two or three days driving. We drove on every little back road we could follow around Galtinburg, Pigeon Forge and the Mountains. While driving in the rain we discovered places we never would have known existed. In fact we found one little picnic area on those rainy days that our whole family has since enjoyed several times on more sunny days.

We found beauty in unexpected places. We laughed about silly things and talked about things both small and important. We held hands and drove.

We found out that vacations aren't about sunshine, leaves, colors, attractions or even food! We found that vacations are about family! In fact life is about family. We had a very cramped motel room, very little money, a beat up truck and rain. And you know what else? We had the best vacation we have ever had. We have been chasing the rain ever since. Sure, we enjoy the sunshine as much as anyone but we have never complained about the rain again.

The storms had taught us something we will never forget! They always do!



  1. Really enjoy your "Mile Markers"! I can relate to your vacation in the rain...the best times our family have had together was not an expensive trip with all the bells and whistles but just a evening drive or picnic. See ya'll in a few days.

  2. Thanks, Davy. :) Love y'all!


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