Monday, June 17, 2013

Eugene and Martha Boggs - 50 Years Together

50 Years Together

-June 12, 1963 Eugene Boggs and Martha Isaacs were married by Rev. Mac Couch in Waynesville at the corner of 3rd St. and Franklin Rd in the home of our grandparents, Martin and Edna Boggs.

-50 years ago this week Mom and Dad started their life together.
-It has been an exciting ride.

-During their Second year of marriage they bought their first car. A big yellow 1960 Dodge. Dad could drive home from Norfolk and go back for $5!
-Before that, he hitchhiked back and forth many, many times including for their wedding.
-At the end of their second year Dad was honorably discharged from the navy.

-And the years just kept flying by!
-Work, play, vacations, camping trips, ball games, hunting, fishing, family time and church.

-In their Eleventh year their fourth child was born, completing Three sons and One daughter.

-By year twenty five they had two daughters in law and a granddaughter.
-By year Thirty they had added a son in law and another granddaughter.

-By their Fortieth year they had another daughter in law, and five more grandchildren.

-50 years Dad and Mom have given of their time, talent and treasure.
-They have been givers and not takers.
-They have been great examples to us kids.
-Their marriage is ordinary.
-They are real people with real life problems.
-But it has been an extraordinary in that they have persevered 50 years!

-After 50 years Mom and Dad like nothing better than having their family gathered together, eating and visiting at Dad's barn.
-They go to church together and serve the Lord together.

-We are blessed with great parents.
-We are blessed with a happy family.

-Thanks Mom and Dad.
-We love you.

My sister, Theresa and my sister in law Holly worked so hard to bring all the ingredients together so we could celebrate Dad and Mom's anniversary in style. The did most of the planning and brought everybody into their places and pulled it all off without a hitch. It really was a great day!

Here are a bunch of pictures of the 50th Anniversary dinner for my parents this past Saturday.

Almost everything is ready.

The crowd starts coming in.

Cutting the cake.

A great crowd.

Odie will have some more pictures from her camera.

Sunday morning we preached at Dodd's and then went to Acapulco.

Sunday night we preached at our home church, Dryden Rd.


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