Saturday, June 22, 2013

The History of Wartburg, Tennessee

While we were in Tennessee, Bro. Ray Riggs, a regular reader and commenter, asked a great question. He wondered in a comment about the history of Wartburg, Tennessee. With a name like Wartburg it is bound to be interesting.

Well, twenty years ago if I had wanted an answer to a question like that I would have went to the country store in Wartburg and asked the oldest person I saw. If that did not work I would have ask another person or went to the local library. If none of that worked I would have asked my brother Steve and he would have probably known.

Today....we have Google.

Wartburg was settled in the 1840's and was incorporated in 1851. A land speculator by the name of George Gerding bought up large tracts of land in the area in hopes of establishing several German communities in the area.

The settlers arrived by coming up the Mississippi, Tennessee and Emory Rivers from New Orleans. They named the community Wartburg after Wartburg Castle in Germany. Wartburg Castle dates all the way back to 1068. That is almost 1000 years!

Internet Photo
Wartburg in Eisenach

Wartburg Castle is remembered by many German Christians because Martin Luther was taken there when his life was in danger from the Catholic church. He lived there for nearly a year. While there Luther translated the New Testament into German.

Pretty interesting history. There is lot more to tell but I do not want to take all of the fun out of it for you.

Hope you have a great day.



  1. Thanks for the enlightenment Brother Davy!

    I was thinking it would have something to do with toads, stumpwater or frogs and princess' but it's really a noble and noteworthy name. I must apologize to the Germans but the only German words I know are Gesundeit, Wienerschnitzel and Volkswagen....none of these seem appropriate. So...Es tut mir leid (Googled German term for "I'm Sorry") and thanks for the history lesson!

    God Bless!


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