Friday, March 15, 2013

Day Three Allentown Campmeeting

The third day of the meeting is complete. I am about to collapse into bed. It has been a wonderful week so far!! We have heard some wonderful messages and felt the power of God.

It is hard to pick a favorite message! Bro. Ralston last night preached what I need to hear. God moved greatly in my life!!!! It was the strength booster I needed. I truly believe my complete miracle is close. I told God last night I do not care if I have to have a limp like Jacob for the rest of my life. However He choses to give me healing I will take it.

Tonight Bro. Shuecraft,WOW, God anointed him to give us the word. I want "Another Pentecost" in my life.

I am enjoying the chance to be with many friends. Campmeeting is a good time to see long time friends and make new friends.

My eyes are closing and my brain is shutting down. I must get rest for the fourth and final day of Allentown 2013.

Allentown Campmeeting 2013
Thursday March 14, 2013


Bro. Billy Joe Watson
Ezekiel 2:1-10
Preach Ezekiel Preach

Bro. Bill Preskit
Acts 3:12-26

Bro. Billy Gordon
Ephesians 4
2 Samuel 23:11-12
Defending the Ground


Bro. Jacob McCoy
Matthew3:11 Hebrews 1:7 Acts 2:1-4
The Holy Ghost and Fire

Bro. Titus Shuecraft
John 2:13-23 Mark 11:7
House of Pollution or Prayer


Bro Lloyd Shuecraft
Acts 11:11-17 Acts 15:8
Just Like Pentecost


  1. Great pics; great photos - makes me wish I were there! Keep up the good work Odie...and don't give up on the brink of your miracle! God is hearing our prayers! Love you, Sis. Tammy

  2. Just now seeing all the pictures.. you had a great photographer, my goodness :) Love you! Keep up the good work.


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