Monday, March 4, 2013

Good News

I have some good news. Bro. Marty Millikin came home from the hospital on Saturday night. He is feeling well and recovering good from the surgery one week ago to remove a large mass and the kidney that it had taken over. He is doing so good for what he has been through. Praise God for helping Bro. Marty.

Bro. Jimmy Millikin said that Bro. Marty will return to the cancer doctor in about two weeks to find out the next steps in his battle against cancer. There will likely be scans at that time and then it looks as though he will have to have some type of chemotherapy. I am praying that God will quickly strengthen him and the whole family.

Thank you so much for adding the Millikin's to your prayer list and diligently praying for them. As I say over and over, we know that God hears and answers prayer. We know that the fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. We know God has the power to do a complete and total miracle. We believe God to heal and deliver completely and instantly and we trust Him to do what is best.

Please keep lifting Bro. Marty up in prayer before God.

We had a good day at White Plains Holiness Assembly yesterday. These folks are so kind and easy to preach too. It is a joy to stand in the pulpit any where and declare the Word of God but preaching has seemed especially joyous the last several weeks. Yesterday was no exception. God has given us some great revival meetings this year and I believe we are going to see lasting results.

We must have lasting results from revival meetings. In this last hour, lost men and women must be saved and then walk in the light. Saints must be touched of God and then reach out and touch others. Churches must be changed and then go out and change their community. The world is too cold and dark and the people are too needy for us to just go through the motions of revival. We must have real revival.

Real revival will change the spiritual atmosphere of families, churches and communities. Yes, the devil will fight revival. Yes, he will hinder every way he can. But he can not stop revival when God's people are determined to seek God for it and when God is determined to pour revival out. I am praying for revival in these last days. Oh, God, our nation needs it desperately. Our world needs it desperately. Oh, God I need it desperately!

I believe God to give revival. Will you join me in that prayer as well?

God bless you all,



  1. Praise God for the good report on Bro. Marty. God is faithful, and we are praying with you for a full recovery. We know that our God is able.



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